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Steps for Changing Password:

Everyone should be changing their password on a regular basis as part of applying security best practices.
To reset your password, please press on the link below:

Change Password

To change your AAU password please follow below steps:
1- Go to E-learning website.
2- Select “Lost Password” from Moodle login block.


3- Enter your student ID as follows:
4- Enter your secret code as:
a. If you have an emirates ID, please enter the third part of the seven digits.


b. If you are from GCC (gulf cooperation countries), please enter your full national number..


To formulate a strong password, you have to follow the below password complexity rules:

• NEW password should be different from the all previously used passwords.
• Passwords must contain at least 8 characters.
• Passwords must contain 1 or more numerical digits.
• Passwords must contain 1 or more special characters like @ # % * ( ) - + < >,! $ ` " ^ ' .
• Passwords must contain at least one upper case letter.
• It is preferable not to use any of the following: common English words, your name, your date
of birth, your phone number, your username, or any character patterns such as qwerty or 12345

For further details please contact the Information Technology Center/Virtual Learning Environment (E-Learning) by email at
or by phone:
Al-Ain Campus: May Al-daynee 037024762.
Abu-Dhabi Campus: Anish Othman 026133571.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Information Technology Centre.